We invested in new technologies

ESLO at the forefront.

ESLO, has demonstrate all these years, a great effort in its investigation and commercialization of the products, now days, ESLO wanted to invest in new technologies, installations and laboratories, in order to improve its production and commercialization.

This investment of 2.500.000€ has been shared out in three main points: technology, production and investigation.
The technology that ESLO has adopted, it is an impeccable improvement of reliability in its technology development, with the introduction of this system, its production is unbeatable and unblemished, providing then, methods of investigation with more believability and major speed.

The lab has been computerized, adding new devices, plus all the instruments needed in order to carrion with CE tests for the construction products.
Also ESLO has invested in its internal image, restructuring its office in an avant-garde style.

ESLO has increased its commercial cense in a 50% more, respected to the anterior year, this allows us to carrion betting for new development investigations, product improvements, and of course, the improvement of our commercial links with future and actual customers.