General Product Index

Chemical applications for building ESLO offers a wide range of high performance and durability that allow easy application thereof.


HIPERDRAI - Waterproofing mortar for surfaces subjected to strong moisture.

DRAY SEC - Impermeable mortar for concrete and masonry.

HIPERDRAI ELÁSTICO - Elastic two-component mortar to waterproof coatings.

IMCA - Elastic filmic waterproofer of styrene-acrylic resin.

LAIM - Waterproofing elastic sheet of high resistance.

LAIM 2 - Highly passable waterproofing elastic sheet of one-component aliphatic polyurethane.

LAIM 2 INCOLORO - Laminated waterproof product, without charges, of aliphatic polyurethane, colourless, flexible, one-component and passable.

RELAMUR - Waterproof laminated coating without pitch or tar.

TOPRAIN - Waterproofing elastic sheet for facades

IMPERFIBER - Waterproof and elastic plate armoured with fiberglass.

ESLOTAPE - Repaintable auto adhesive waterproof tape

FLEXIAL - Flexible aluminium sheet for the finishing off in roofs.

TRIKOLITE G 30 - Waterpoof elastic mortar, passable.


X CAL H - Water-repellent of mass for concrete and mortars.

X-CAL-H L-200 - Water-repellent mass for concrete and mortars.

PROTECTOR F - Colourless wall waterproof.

PROTECTOR F Nº1 -Nº2 - Revitalizer waterproof, water-repellent, perspirable and colourless.

STONEFIX - Consolidation product for mortars, porous and sandy stones

HIDRO-F - Colourless waterproofing for vertical surfaces.

PROTECTOR S - Waterproofing porous ceramic pavements.



- Product for filling the porous for tiles and walls.

PROTECTOR M - Transparent water-repellent especially designed for one layer mortars.


ACRIBLANC - Acrylic waterproof coating for outdoor and indoor surfaces with a long lasting insecticide effect.

CORRODUR - Anticorrosive primer of fast drying.

FERRO ESLO - Synthetic enamel anti-corrosive, waterproof and resistant to abrasion.

GALZINC - Zinc coat to cold galvanizing.

PRIMA-68 - Consolidate Universal primer.

PIEPOX - Antacid epoxy coating.

PIEPOX CERÁMICO - Antacid epoxy coating, free of solvent

PIEPOX W - Aqueous epoxi two components

SEAL 30 - Hardening treatment against dust.

SEAL 12-2 - Outdoor special two-component polyurethane.

IMPRIMACION AUTOEPOXY W - Water prime of two components

RESIRAMP - Surface treatment non-skid floor for ramps


ESLOSTAMP - Total protection of the decorative cement surfaces.

SELLEANT 600 - Hardener sealer against dust for cement and ceramic surfaces.


ANCLADUR EPOXI - Three component epoxy for mortar repair

ANCLADUR - Compensated fluid retraction liquid mortar for plaster fillings and precision anchorages

HIPERDRAI-V - Fast mortar to seal off leaks

MORFUN - Waterproof, fungicide, bactericide, joints sealant mortar

SOLDUR - Self-levelling mortar to increase concrete floors

ESLOCOSMETICO - Mortar repair for concrete

DECORDREN - Decorative drain epoxy surface

HORMIDUR 2 - High mechanical qualities mortar for restoration works

ESLOASFALT - Drainage asphaltic in cold for quick hardener


HIPERCAL/HIPERCAL RETARD - Plasticiser and hardening retardant. Natural lime substitute. Adherence promoter.

PORCAL - Plasticizer and airing extremely concentrated for class WR mortars..

FASTCONCRETE - Accelerant liquid for Portland cement and mortars.

SLOWCONCRETE - Retardant liquid for mortars and concrete.

Disincrustants and Cleaners

DEX-FOS - Deoxidizing self active phosphatant.

D.S.TRÁFIC - Grease and dirt remover

DESTRULIMP - Descaling product to unblock pipes.

DESCAL - Descaling cleansing and efflorescence remover

DESCAL FORTE - Descaling product for cement, plaster, oxide and calcareous remains

DESCAL R - Descaling cleaning and revitalizer.


HORMIUM - Adhesive union bridge for old and new concrete

HORFIX - Three-component adhesive based in epoxy resins without solvents

ADEPLAS - Adhesive joining bridge for concrete and mortars

HORFIX -2 - Two component adhesive with epoxy resins and without dissolvents

HORFIX-PACK EPOXI - Epoxy mortar for anchorage

HORFIX PACK POLYESTER - Polyester mortar for chemical anchorages

ECO-LAN - Glue mortar for the placement of ceramic pieces through a continuous stick, in fine coats

ESLOFIX - Bridge union and conditioner of pores surfaces

IRONFIX - Epoxy adhesive for the union of concrete and metals


POLISUL-2 - One-component polyurethane putty of atmospheric reticulation.

POLISUL M 300 - Elastic monocomponent sealer

Plank Mould Removers

DESMOL - Wood and metallic plank mould remover, emulsifiable with water

DESMOL MOLDURAS - Moulding remover

DESMOL ESPECIAL - Wood and metallic plank mould remover, emulsifiable with water

CADEGRAS - Chains and cables lubricant

FERROSOL - Corrosion and seize up protector

FLUIT PENETRANT - Anti-oxidant, loosen all, lubricant

Thermal and Acoustic insulators

EXPANPLUS SPECIAL TILES - Professional polyurethane foam

ESLOTERM - Insulation thermo reflective system

ESLOPONT - Protective thermic insulation, anticondensation


ESLOFIBER 6-12 - 100% polypropylene fibres for concrete and mortars

POLIESLO - Sheet protector for temporal surfaces

ESLO BURB - Auto adhesive film with protector bubbles for surfaces subject to impacts and stains

BLUEFIX - Blue alignment fixer

- Acrylic spray for markings

ESLOSORBER - Fireproof absorbent of high security

NIDODREN - Reinforcement for stabilizing draining pavement

REMASTOP® - Shuter cap, quick solution for holes in formworks

DISCOS DE CARBONO BOSCH - Circular saw carbon blades