Elastic two-component mortar to waterproof coatings.

Mortar based on TRIKOLITE, additives, cements, selected sands, quartz flour and acrylic resins as a second component. The addition of TRIKOLITE gives special characteristics to the elastic mortar, such as high elasticity and resistance to stagnant water and to the soluble inorganic salts that contains, and a better adherence coefficient to all the materials used in construction. The second component gives to the final product, waterproofing properties superior to other products used in the construction market till now.


Surface preparation

The surface must be clean of paints, greases, oils, dust, etc; moreover of being firm and hard. The surfaces to waterproof must be perfectly wet but without puddles to achieve a good anchorage. When the product is newly applied it must be protected from draught air and direct sun. Do not apply with temperatures below 5ºC.

Instructions for use

It depends on the surface to waterproof the product will be applied with brush, paintbrush, paint roller or trowel.
To use it with brush, mix HIPERDRAI ELÁSTICO WITH part B till obtaining a whitewash without lumps but compact and uniform. Do not apply coatings thicker than 2 mm. because the drying will be very slow.


Approximate, depending on the state of the surface.
- Average performance: 1.4 Kg/m² 1mm thinner.
- Drying time: 5 hours (1 mm. at 20ºC and 70% Relative moisture).



Packing and storing

HIPERDRAI ELÁSTICO is supplied in sets of hermetic barrels, according to the EC packing and storing directives for chemical products.

Hygiene and safety

See the product label.


Aspect: homogeneous powder of predetermined colour.
Apparent density at 20ºC: 1.20± 0.05 g/ml
Aspect: milky white liquid.
Dry extract 120ºC: 59, 0± 3%
Viscosity (A3, V20, 25ºC): 3.000 ± 600cp
pH (DIN 53.785):8,5±0,5.
Minimum film formation temperature: 5ºC.
Mixture A+B: 1/1 in weight.
Consistence: 50% (shaking table at 20ºC and 70% Relative moisture).
Imperviousness to water: 15 days without water leaks.
Migrations of fungus :> one month (immersion in water at 20ºC).
Dry touch (1000microns, glass, 20ºC): 2, 5±0, 5 hours
Total dry (1000microns, glass, 20ºC): 5±1 hour.
Registered in the health and food General Register for the manufacture and/or production and/or transformation of varnish paints and covers Nº Register 39.03631/GE.


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