Waterproofing elastic sheet of high resistance.

LAIM is a coating composed of acrylic copolymers in watery dispersion which, once it has hardened, forms a highly elastic, flexible sheet, absolutely waterproof and long lasting, specially designed for all kind of waterproofing.

The product avoids water soak in terraces, roofs, canalizations, walls, skylights, basements, façades, etc.
It has adherence on any surface, even zinc.
It maintains water tightness permanently through the years and it has a slowly ageing.
It resists perfectly the action of UV rays, the frost, etc.
It has more advantages than other systems of waterproofing due to its easy way to use.
LAIM eliminates the risk of union and soldered joints.
It is exempt of pitch and tars.


LAIM can be used in new buildings to waterproof terraces, roofs, walls, basements, façades, etc.
LAIM allows repairing old buildings that by other systems would be very expensive and slow to do. With LAIM the repairings are easy and it assures the work success. It’s suitable to repair of drips and leaks in fibrocement roofs, to waterproof gutters, chimneys, terraces, etc.

Surface preparation

In old surfaces, eliminate previously the remainders of bad stuck particles and other impurities such as dust, moisture, oils, and greases, remainders of other paints or waterproofing nettings. The remainders of working materials can be eliminated with DESCAL, rinsing with a lot of water and letting it dry. Apply the product with temperatures between 5º and 35ºC, and foreseeing it will not rain. Excessive paint thickness may affect the right drying.

Instructions for use

The product application does not need difficult techniques. As it is a viscous paste but not tough it can be applied with brush, paint roller, trowel, etc.
In very porous surfaces or those with tendency to crumbling is recommended to apply a previous coat of our product PRIMA 68.
A fibre-glass netting can be placed, between coatings, in order to increase its mechanical resistance in places such as dilation joints or fissures.
It is not recommended to use the product in places where there is people traffic continuously or in terraces with metallic furniture.
When the product is applied in terraces it is recommended to extent it in the surrounding walls making a baseboard of 15-20 cm from the floor.


0,5kg/m2, with glass-fibre 1.3kg/ m2 and coat. Apply 2-3 coats.


White, grey, and ceramic

Packing and storing

LAIM is packed in hermetic barrels of 30kg, according to EC packing and storing directives for chemical products.

Hygiene and safety

See product label.


Viscosity (Brookfield, A6-V10 25ºC):400P± 10cP
Dry Extract (auto, 120ºC): 63±3%
Density:1.27±0.05 g/ml
pH: 8,5±0.5
Dry to touch (250 microns, glass, 20ºC): 50± 10 minutes
Total Dry (250 microns, glass, 20ºC): 180± 30 minutes
Drying time (UNE 48.086)
Bending at 5ºC (UNE 104381/1.11):
no fissures.
Resistance to percussion (UNE 53.358):no fissures.
Breaking lengthening (UNE104.381/1.6):310%
Chemical resistance:
Resistance to corrosive moisture (sulphurous anhydride), doing 10 cycles (8h. at 40ºC and 16 at ambient temperature): any alterations.
Chemical resistance (application of several chemical products over the film during 24 hours):NaOH, KOH, H2SO4, HCl in watery solution: No changes observed.
HNO3 in watery solution:Some bubbles were observed in the film.
CH3COO in watery solution: A spot was observed in the film.
Resistance to micro-organisms:
Bacterium’s counting: 24hours............negative.
7 days................negative.
Pollution due to moulds and yeasts:
24 hours............negative.
7 days...............negative.


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