Waterproofing elastic sheet for facades

It is a thick, elastic and smooth coating to waterproof façades. It is composed of acrylic copolymers in aqueous dispersion and once it has hardened creates a highly elastic and flexible sheet which is extremely waterproof and long lasting. TOPRAIN creates a uniform and regular barrier which is capable to absorb fissures that could appear during the mortar stiffening or due to building movement.

TOP RAIN avoids water filtration in façades.
It has a strong adherence on any surface, even zinc.
It maintains watertightness permanently through the years and it has a slowly ageing.
It resists perfectly the action of UV rays, the frost, etc.
TOPRAIN gives the façades where it is applied a noble aspect due to its colour uniformity and its glossy bright. Its formulation has been designed to achieve a great elasticity and a great adhesive power for all the surfaces commonly used in construction: cement, concrete, mortar, stone, ceramics, etc. Once the coating has done its polymerization it repels dust, obtaining a self-cleaning finish.


TOPRAIN results essential in new buildings or in restoration. It is an effective treatment against water and moisture, in addition gives an anti-mould and anti-alga effect. Its adherent and mechanical characteristics make it irreplaceable to solve fissure problems and those caused by building movements.
TOPRAIN is usually used in old buildings restoring works because these mendings would be very expensive and slow to do. With TOPRAIN the repairings are easy and it assures the work success.
Avoid applying the product in maximum sunshine hours, when there is strong wind or when there is the risk of imminent rain.

Surface preparation

In old surfaces, eliminate previously the remainders of bad stuck particles and other impurities such as dust, moisture, oils, and greases, remainders of other paints or waterproofing nettings. The remainders of working materials can be eliminated with DESCAL, rinsing with a lot of water and letting it dry. Apply the product with temperatures between 5º and 35ºC, and foreseeing it will not rain. Excessive paint thickness may affect the right drying. In very porous surfaces or those with tendency to crumbling it is recommended to apply a previous coat of our product PRIMA 68.

Instructions for use

The product application does not need difficult techniques. As it is a viscous paste but not tough it can be applied with brush, paint roller, etc. If there are important fissures it will be necessary to repair them with a conventional repairing mortar and a fibre-glass netting can be placed between coatings to increase the mechanical properties of TOPRAIN.


Usual consumption varies between 0,2-0,4 kg/m² per coat depending on the surface.
In case of high temperatures the product can be diluted in water (between 4% and 8%) for a higher soak of the undercoat and to achieve a best performance in the second coat. In most cases one coat is sufficient for a consumption of 0,5-0,7 kg/m2.


White, and over demand when the order is higher than 700 Kg

Packing and storing

TOPRAIN is packed in hermetic barrels, according to EC packing and storing directives for chemical products. The product lasts perfectly out in its barrel according to UNE 48.083 standard.

Hygiene and safety

See product label.


Aspect: Mate white
Taking: Null
Viscosity (Brookfield, A6-V10 25ºC): 250P approx.
Density at 20ºC:1.35 ± 0,05g/ml
pH: 8,5±0.5
Dry Extract (Auto, 120ºC): 59±2, 0%
Dry to Touch (250microns, glass, 25ºC): 75± 15 min
Total Dry (250microns, glass, 25ºC): 4, 5± 1, 5 hours
Elasticity: Good.


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