Three component epoxy for mortar repair

Three components product, a base of selection of epoxy resins without dissolvent load silica.
Its especially indicate it for the reparations and reinforcement of structural elements of concrete.
-High mechanic resistance, to abrasion and impacts.
-Hardens quickly and without retraction.
-Does not contain dissolvent.
-Good adherence on slightly humid supports.
-Perfect for works with hardly any ventilation.
-Does not have taking once harden.


Mortar of high resistance to abrasions and high mechanic and chemical resistance, in short period of time its perfect for:

-Reparations and Restorement of structures.
-Reparation and regulation of pass zones.
Formation of rounded sashes in slide it zones.
-Reconstruction and joint fillers.
-Fixation of heavy machinery, subdue to strong vibrations.

Surface preparation

For mortars supports, concrete, rock, etc., that they are poreses, they will be exempt of cement whitewash, particles of bad adherence o released, rest of oils or derivative.
The metallic supports must be treat it mechanical and must be without grease, we recommend our Cleansing EXPANPLUS product.
Other supports such as polyester, PVC, glaze, etc., seek advice with our technical department.

Instructions for use

ANCLADUR EPOXY, requires for a good anchor the application of itself without sand, that is, mixed component A and component B. With the mixed obtained, paint the support to treat, forming a very fine film.
Immediately, before the primes it dries, add the component C, slowly to the previous mixed. The mortar obtained has to be applied with laying-on trowel pressuring vigorous in order to live it very well compact.
MIXTURE: In order to obtain a total homogeneous mixed, follow the following order:
Mixed the component A and component B, with an electrical culling whisk during 1-2 minutes till the colour of the mixed is homogenous.
Once the mixed is homogenous, add the component C very slowly and culling whisk for 3 minutes approximately.
The electrical culling whisk and the agitator has to be the same one as the one used for the mortar. It should be an agitation of low speed, at 600 r.p.m.


1.5 kg/m2., Approx, for 1mm of thickness
For the fillers: 1.5 kg/l


Resin: colourless slightly yellow.

Packing and storing

ANCLADUR EPOXY is presented in a set of three components of 18 kg.
Component A: 2kg, Component B: 1kg, Component C: 15 kg
The packs are hermetic according to EC packing and storing directives for chemical products.
For its storage, keep it into its original pack; shelter it from extreme temperatures and bad weather.

Hygiene and safety

Epoxy resins may affect the skin and the mucous; therefore it is recommended to use gloves and protected glasses, during its manipulation. For more details, see the label of the product pack and consult the technical data.


Type: Epoxi resins
Density at 20ºC : approx 1.5 kg/l of mixed.
Adherence: dry concrete: 5-6 N/mm2
Humid concrete:4-5 N/ mm2
Steel: 9-10 N/ mm2
Life of mixed at (20ºC): Approx. 50-100 mint.
Resistance A compression: >75N/mm2
Resistance A flexotraction:>30N/mm2
Application Temperature: Minimum:+5ºC
Maximum: +35ºC
Proportions of component. A: 2 parts
Proportions of component. B: 1 part
Proportions of component. C: 15 parts.
Conservation: 24 month from the date of production, in its original pack.
If in winter the product is denser: heat separately to Bain Marie till 40ºC and let it cool to 20ºC, before its application.


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