Decorative drain epoxy surface

DECORDREN is a draining epoxy pavement system, applicable on surfaces to decorate, to protect the tree well, yards, residential zones and comercial bussiness.
Using grilles like “tramex”, adaptable to the size of each tree well. Nevertheless, the grilles results are showing different problems like collapse, deformations, tree illnesses such as problem growing and accumulation of residual dirtness.
The aim of our product is to improve and facilitate the cleansing of the tree well, the health of the trees and the mobility of the pedestrians. The material is waterproof, is adjustable to tree trunk without preventing the tree from its normal development and allows the dampness of the root and the control of the evaporation. Levels the surface from the tree well and the sidewalk, and broads the walk pass eliminating therefore the architectural barriers.
DECORDREN is additive with natural extracts effect: repellent to dogs and cats.
DECORDREN allows the entrance of the water to the tree well, retaining the rain water and irrigation. Improves the aspect of the commercial zones, it’s an innovated and decorative product. Protects the tree well from dirtiness, cigarette butts, papers and others accumulated rubbish. DECORDREN is an alternative to the use of the grates and other solutions, prevents the tree from being use as an ashtray, pipi-can and rubbish dump.
DECORDREN reduces the workmanship, cleansing and maintenances.


DECORDREN is ideal to be applied on tree holes, yards, residential zones, gardens, parks and roof cisterns.

Surface preparation

The surfaces must be clean and exempts from weeds or other dirtiness.

Instructions for use

DECORDREN is presented in sets of two components.
Apply one coat of compacted chippings as a support base till 2-3cm, to level it to the sidewalk.
Completely empty part B into part A. Scrape the sides of the containers to remove as much material as possible to ensure accurate mixing ratio.
Mix the components together using a slow-speed (400-600rpm) drill with Jiffy mixer for at least 3 minutes until uniform. Put the arid quantity chosen into the concrete mixer; next add the resin previously mixed.
The time mixer recommended is 5 minutes approximately. Extend the mixer and smooth with a trowel or level.
If a mechanical mixer is not possible, it can be mixed manually, taking into account that the mixer and the arid must remain totally humid by the resin. Leave the mixer for 5 minutes; this will help the product to eliminate the remaining bubbles.
Clean equipment immediately after use with acetone. Cured material can be removed by mechanical means only. Cleans hands and skin immediately with soap and water, industrial hand cleaner, or drenatured alcohol.


1,0 Kg resin for 30 Kg of arid (Ø 6-12 mm).
With 30Kg of arid (Ø 6-12 mm) attain 1m2 of 2mm of thickness.
Consumption theory:
1Kg of resin for 20Kg of arid (Ø3 mm).
1Kg of resin for 30Kg of arid (Ø10 mm).


Resin: colorless.

Packing and storing

1Kg kits, containing 0,60Kg pails of Part A; 0,40Kg pail of Part B.
Store in unopened containers at 16 to 27ºC in clean, dry conditions.

Hygiene and safety

See product label.


Appearance A+B: Yellowish transparent liquid
Resin density (Part A): 1,12±0,03g/ml
Resin density hardener (Part B):1,00±0,03g/ml
Viscosity A (A4,V20,25ºC): 850 ± 50 cP
Viscosity B (A4,V20,25ºC):1000 ± 300 cP
Strength UNE 83.821-92:
Compressive:650 Kg/cm2
Tensile elongation:300 Kg/cm2
Tensile strength:55-60 Kg/cm2
Pot life(Temp/Time):
25ºC/30-40 minutes
20ºC/40-60 minutes
10ºC/60-70 minutes


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