Two component adhesive with epoxy resins and without dissolvents

Compound with epoxy resins of high resistance, for the union of concrete elements and iron, fillings, various reparations and rigids, excellent join bridge between frescos and inured concrete.


HORFIX-2 its essential for work reparation of: cracks, deposit, structural cracks. For the Joining of iron-concrete, metallic reinforcement in contact with concrete, wrought, girder, pillars, etc.
More over, it’s the perfect adhesive for concrete, mortars, stones, wood, iron, steel, fibre-cement, etc.
HORFIX-2 its used as a join bridge between frescos and inured.

Surface preparation

The substrate on which HORFIX-2 its applied, must be resistance (exempt of white lime, dust, chippings, etc.) and clean, for this, must resort to a deep cleansing of the surface in mechanical methods: abrasion, pouring sand; or chemical methods: descaling with our anti-chalky DESCAL and subsequent rinsed with plenty of water.

Instructions for use

Mixed the solidifier inside of the base. Mixture of the components: aforementioned mixture can be made by hand, by means of spatula or other utensils, trying that both components remained homogenous and there are not parts being mixed adherence to the walls. The dosage of the mixture is 3 parts of resin by 2 parts of catalyst.
In order to facilitate the application, the standard units are being supplied with the exact quantities of each component for its mixture.
DO NOT DIVIDE SUCH QUANTITIES IN APPROXIMAT MIXTURES, an incorrect dosage can vary for complete the nature of the polymer obtained, and there for, its properties. THE POT-LIFE (utilised time after mixing the components) varies sensibly in function of the temperature and the quantity of mixture to prepare.
Application on the substrate:
Once the preparation of the substrate and the mixture has been carried out, its applied on the substrate by means of spatula, paintbrush of short hair or other similar utensils, tried to place an homogenous and continuous coat on all the surface. The quantities to be applied, depends on the state and pores of the substrate. From the instant of the application till the time of inured fulfilled, can conditioned the concrete of the new mortar, without having any importance of its quality or presentation. The joins, this way made, will have the maximum resistance between 5 or 7 days, logically, the new concrete does not reached the above mentioned highest point till passed 28 days.
Pre-fabricated concrete: all the exposed, till now, comes valid for joining pre-fabricated elements, only must be taken into account the fact, that adhesive films have to be more thickness (between 1 and 3 mm) or for two surfaces to be join with existing hallows to be filled correctly.


0, 5-1kg/m2 approximately, according to the state and nature of the surface.



Packing and storing

HORFIX-2 is presented in hermetic sets of 1kg; according to EC packing and storing directives for chemical products.

Hygiene and safety

See product label.


Aspect A+B: Transparent yellowish liquid.
Density of the Resin (A):1,12±0,03g/ml
Hardener density (B): 1,00 ± 0,03 g/ ml
Viscosity A (A4, V20, 25ºC): 850±50cP
Viscosity B (A4, V20, 25ºC): 1000±300cP
Resistance (UNE 83.821-92):
To compression: 650 kgs/cm2
To flexotraction: 300 kg/ cm2
Traction: 55-60 kg/ cm2
Pot-life or useful life of the mixture:
At 25Cº: 30-40 mint.
At 20ºC: 40-60 mint.
A 10ºC: 60-70 mint.


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