Antacid epoxy coating.

It has a non-slippery finished and is unalterable to acids and alkalis coating. PIEPOX is a product entirely developed in our laboratories for coatings which needs a high resistance degree against chemical agents and to abrasion. PIEPOX has a high resistance to impacts, to friction and to chemical products.


PIEPOX gives a unique quality, within its antacid covering range in: all kinds of industrial floors,
Residual water tanks, industrial installations, tanned leather factories, sports facilities, garages, car-parks, etc.

Surface preparation

On new surfaces which have never been painted, it is recommended to apply a preparation coat of prime with our product PRIMA-68. The rest of the surfaces must be clean, dry and exempt of greases, oils and other impurities which could affect the normal paint adherence. When the surface is made of concrete or mortar it must be slightly rough, and if it is newly made, it is recommended to use a wood or felt trowel, but never with a metallic trowel. If the floor is too smooth or it has cement whitewashes, scrap off or mill the surface with plenty of water and sand.

Instructions for use

Mix the two components, are supplied in separate packages, in the adequate proportion (add the solidifier – the small container- into the base – the big container-) and mix intensely until you achieve a uniform mixture (mix it with mechanical low revolution mixer – 500rpm- during 3 minutes). If its necessary, DILUYENTE Nº2 to adjust the viscosity. Remember that the “POT LIFE” or usable mixer time depends on the quantity and environment temperature, so it is not suitable to mix more than one set at the same time.
PIEPOX can be applied with brush, paint roller, airless or spray gun.


5 m² per Kg and coat approximately, depending on the roughness and the porosity of the surface.
In order to determinate the consumption, mainly on surfaces extremely roughness or absorbent, it is recommended to make a previous test on a measured surface and with a previous weighted product amount.


White, red, grey and green, other colours: orders over 500 Kg.

Packing and storing

PIEPOX is supplied in prepared hermetic sets of 5 Kg, according to EC packing and storing directives for chemical products.

Hygiene and safety

See product label.


Pot life at 20ºC:3 hours
Density (A+B) 20ºC: 1, 40 g/cm³
Viscosity A+B (Brookfield, A4, V20, 20ºC):20 P.
Dry extract Part A (Auto, 120ºC): 85
Dry extract Part B (Auto, 120ºC): 47
Resistance in places with permanent moisture:-30ºC - +60ºC.
Passable in: -30ºC +100ºC
Total hardening:6 days


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